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Scenes in sci-fi movies come true

Scenes in sci-fi movies come true

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When passengers place an order on an app, a capsule-shaped car that does not have a driver's seat, steering wheel, accelerator or brake will come to pick them up. On the road, the car will slow down 20 meters in advance to give way to pedestrians and obstacles ahead. Many scenes like these that used to appear only in sci-fi movies will soon become reality.



The Ministry of Transport issued a notice in February 2021 announcing the 34 pilot cities that were approved for building a strong transportation network. Wuhan was on the list. t. On May 7, 2021, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology identified Wuhan as one of the first batch of pilot cities for "coordinated development of smart city infrastructure and intelligent connected vehicles."


In the "China Auto Valley," an automobile industry cluster has been formed by 9 automobile enterprises with 13 factories that produce 50 models, as well as more than 500 spare parts enterprises. In 2021, the output value of the automobile and parts industry amounted to RMB 230 billion, and the number of automobiles produced reached one million. New energy and intelligent connected vehicles have become a new direction in the automobile industry's future development in WEDZ.



By now, WEDZ has completed the intelligent transformation of 106 kilometers (212 kilometers in both directions) of roads and has built 321 kilometers of test roads, where six categories of intelligent connected vehicles are used. So far, about 30 L4 self-developed driverless minibuses have been put into 24/7 operation in Junshan New City, and 5 ROBTAXI of Baidu's Apollo Go have been allowed to perform a trial operation of unmanned vehicles in the zone. As well, WEDZ has formulated six laws, regulations and technical standards related to intelligent internet connectivity. It has released the first standards in China for the construction of intelligent urban roads.



In the future, WEDZ will make full use of its existing road facilities, utilize the available resources and tap potential new opportunities, and explore a low-cost and replicable "dual intelligence" strategy to lead the development of the industry. Specifically, it will endeavor to become a pace-setting area in the country with an industrial ecology where the smart city infrastructure and smart auto industry mutually reinforce each other.




(From Wuhan Immigration Service Center)




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