Salary: RMB15,000 / Students:14-15 years old

Job ID:      0290
Category:  University
Start Date:March/ January
Location:   Beijing,China

University ESL Job Description:
1. Location: Beijing city,China.
2. Contract Term: one academic year, starts from Mar. 2018 to Jan. 2019.
3. Job Position: English Teacher.
4. Students Age: 14-15 years old.
5. Courses: English reading, writing, listening and speaking.
6. Work Days: 16 teaching hours per week, no office hours.

Remuneration and Benefits:
1. Salary: RMB15,000 monthly after tax.
2. Accommodation: free charge of apartment.
3. Vacations: half paid 45 days summer vacation.
4. Holidays: full paid 11 days Chinese public holidays.
5. Airfare Allowance: maximum RMB10,000 airfare reimbursement upon the contract fulfillment.
6. Insurance: medical and accident insurance provided.
7. Work Visa: offer work permit. 

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