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Many museums in Japan collect new crown materials and objects to leave memories for future generations

Many museums in Japan collect new crown materials and objects to leave memories for future generations

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  According to Japan’s "Oriental News" report on the 28th, the new crown epidemic is changing the world and everyone today is witnessing history. In order to let future generations understand how people today live in the new crown epidemic, museums across Japan are collecting masks, photos, leaflets and other "historical materials" related to the epidemic, as the museum's future "collections."

  According to reports, in Urapporo, Hokkaido, a museum set up by the local government has been calling on people to provide items related to the epidemic since February. At present, the museum has collected about 200 related "collections", including cotton masks distributed by the Japanese government for free, leaflets for the suspension of festivals due to the epidemic, and coupons to encourage people to pack and take away meals in restaurants, etc. .

  A staff member of the Urhoro-cho Museum said, “Our lives today will become history. Before these daily necessities are thrown away, we hope to preserve them as much as possible. When people in the future recall the times we live in, If you can see the real thing, you will have a more objective feeling."

  According to the report, the National Diet Library in Tokyo, Japan, has stored a large number of government agency websites related to the new crown epidemic, and the Waseda University Theatre Museum is also appealing to the public to provide performance brochures and performances that have been postponed or suspended due to the epidemic. script.

  In addition, Suita City Museum in Osaka Prefecture received protective clothing and face masks provided by the local health department, as well as photos of people lining up to buy masks in front of a pharmacy. A staff member of the museum said, "I hope to pass on the things that should be remembered in this era to people in the future."


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