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Work while traveling? The Japanese government proposes an "upgraded version of remote office"

Work while traveling? The Japanese government proposes an "upgraded version of remote office"

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  According to Japan’s "Oriental News", the number of people infected with the new crown in Japan has increased at a rate of about 800 per day. The Japanese government urges companies to actively implement telecommuting, and Tokyo, where the epidemic is the worst, urges people to reduce going out. Even so, the government has officially launched the "Go To Campaign" a large-scale consumer subsidy campaign for going out in areas outside of Tokyo.

  According to the report, while urging people to work remotely to avoid infection, they also encourage people to go out for consumption. At first glance, there are two contradictory operations, but the Japanese government has combined the two.

  On the 27th local time, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said at a press conference that the Japanese government’s recent tourism strategy meeting proposed that a model called "Workation" would be promoted to save the tourism industry hit by the epidemic.

  "Workation" means travel work, which is a new vocabulary formed by the combination of work (work) and vacation (vacation). As the name suggests, it means working while traveling.

  The Japanese government hopes that people will actively use the “Go To Campaign” implemented by the government to travel and work in resorts instead of working from home. Suga Yoshihide said, “The government will provide financial support to hotels and inns that are serious about epidemic prevention through the'Go To Campaign', so that epidemic prevention and control and economic development can be balanced.”

  The report pointed out that for Japanese companies known for their "overtime culture", it is rare for employees to work from home during the epidemic. "Travel work" is undoubtedly a very bold idea, but the effect remains to be seen.


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