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A foreign student's journey of excellence in China

A foreign student's journey of excellence in China

A foreign student

A foreign student's journey of excellence in China

A foreign student's journey of excellence in China


China's progress is awe-inspiring, with its remarkable advancements in various fields. Its education system cultivates bright minds, providing ample opportunities for personal and professional growth.


The country's breathtaking beauty, from ancient wonders to modern skylines, never fails to captivate. China's vast array of opportunities beckons those seeking success and fulfillment.


I'm Muhammad Danish Yaqoob from Pakistan. Nowadays, I'm working as a medical intern at Yantai Affiliated Hospital of Binzhou Medical University.


I came to China in 2017 to study clinical medicine at Binzhou Medical University. Fresh out of high school, I was a young boy with big dreams, and now I'm a doctor and researcher.


During my time in China, I've been presented with numerous opportunities that have propelled me professionally and academically. I've participated in competitions, met incredible and talented people, traveled to more than 30 cities around China, learned the Chinese language, tried delicious food and broadened my horizons in Chinese culture. To sum up my experiences in one sentence, China shaped me into a better version of myself which is more than I expected.


Coming to China is one of the best things in my life. I usually take part in English and Chinese speech competitions. Through these competitions, my public speaking ability has improved a lot. I have won several international speech competitions with contestants worldwide and have been appreciated by Chinese and international news channels.


In 2019, I won first prize in the English Essay Contest organized by the Silk Road Cities Alliance. In 2020, I won first prize at Beijing's "Silk Road and Young Dreams" English Speech Competition. I've also won several Chinese speech competitions.


In a recent speech contest in April 2023 titled "The Yellow River in My Eyes", I achieved the third prize. This accomplishment granted me the chance to delve into the Yellow River's historical significance and explore the beautiful Yellow River estuary in Dongying, Shandong province.


Other than winning competitions, I've got a lot of educational achievements. Being a class leader during the last five years in China, I've built strong leadership skills. It helped to build good relationships with teachers, doctors and students.


Now I'm the university ambassador internationally through my social media channels. During my studies, I actively participated in medical teaching and research. I've published several research papers in international scientific journals. It's a significant achievement for me at this age and level of career. I'm looking forward to achieving more and inspiring others in the following years.


Undoubtedly, China stands as a realm abundant with boundless opportunities. Over the past five years of residing in Shandong, each day in China has unveiled fresh horizons, instilling a sense of optimism and personal growth within me.


The sincere warmth and kindness exhibited by the people of Shandong have left an indelible mark on my heart.


Witnessing the remarkable strides made by Shandong in the realms of technology, exports and education has been nothing short of inspiring. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Chinese government and my dedicated teachers, who have consistently supported and guided me on a transformative journey toward realizing my utmost potential.


Their unwavering assistance has been instrumental in shaping my trajectory towards success and self-discovery.



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